iMac Blu-ray Player - Playing Blu-ray on iMac

Apple announced with an amazing looking new Apple iMac that is incredibly thin and use a new build process called friction stir welding. But for Blu-ray fans, Blu-ray is still a distant dream for Apple iMac users. If you are reading this article, you have come to the right place! Macgo iMac Blu-ray Player is the best choice for you to play Blu-ray movies on iMac with perfect quality. Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player is the first and professional iMac Blu-ray Playback software that helps you enjoy Blu-ray movies without any conversion and quality loss. Moreover, the huge, LED-backlit widescreen display of Apple iMac provides better overall resolution, heightening the visual impact of the film which Blu-ray fans have never experienced before. Besides Blu-ray, iMac Blu-ray Playing software can play DVD discs, folders, ISO image files, and all types of video files on iMac.

What do you need to play BD smoothly on Macgo iMac Blu-ray Player

An iMac with OS X 10.6/10.7/10.8 External Blu-ray drive (USB 2.0 and above) iMac Blu-ray Player Internet connection Blu-ray discs

How to watch Blu-ray Movies on Apple iMac

Step 1) Start up Macgo iMac Blu-ray Playback software

Free download iMac Blu-ray Player, and drag and drop the Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player application icon into your "Applications" folder to install it. After the installation, just double click on its desktop shortcut to start it. When you come to the main interface of this software, you'll see "Open File" and "Open Disc" options. If you watch ISO image files and other video files, you should choose "Open File" option. But in this tutorial, we're not using this option.


Mac Blu-ray Player Interface
Mac Blu-ray Player Interface

Step 2) Install external Blu-ray Drive to Apple iMac

iMac and all the other Macs do not support Blu-Ray playing, however, you can install an external Blu-Ray Drive. Always check the system requirements on software or hardware to make sure your iMac can support it. Read the Blu-ray drive installation instructions. If needed, install the Blu-ray driver and software before you start installing the disc drive.


Blu-ray Drive for iMac
Mac Blu-ray Menu for iMac

Step 3) iMac can play Blu-ray with iMac Blu-ray Player

After finishing above operation, insert an iMac Blu-ray disc to iMac Blu-ray drive. iMac Blu-ray Playing software can recognize BD from drive with internet connection and play the BD Menu automatically. If there is something wrong with your automatic recognition, you can choose "Open Disc" on the software interface, and click the disc you want to play. After the Blu-ray Menu is displayed, you can click the "Play Movie" on the right of your screen on Blu-ray Menu. On lower right side of screen, you will find the square "Full Screen" button, and then click it. Now you can enjoy amazing Blu-ray movies with your iMac Blu-ray Player.


Play Blu-ray Drive on IMac
Mac Blu-ray Menu for iMac

Blu-ray Menu tips for iMac Blu-ray Playing software

Play Movie – Play Blu-ray movies directly on iMac Chapter – Choose Chapter you want to view (Each of chapter links to a part of the movie.) Audio – Choose the language you want to hear Subtitle – Choose the language you want to be displayed on movie Other Titles – Choose the tidbits, interview, and commentary in the Blu-ray Disc. Playing BD on iMac is so easy that all you need to do is download Macgo iMac Blu-ray Player for free. For more info about our guides, please go to: